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We provide solutions to validate payee bank accounts and to fetch banking information using only a phone number or other alias.

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Verify payee name and bank account details

Fraud and failed payments are a growing problem for the payments industry. Authorised push payment fraud, when consumers and businesses are tricked into sending money to criminals using either stolen or invented identities, is a particularly worrying trend.


Mapping proxies with bank account details

Enable your customers to make payments as easily as sending a text message. The iPiD Fetch solution uses a proxy addressing service that enables users to send cross-border payments to bank accounts based on a phone number or another alias, meaning they do not need to remember unfamiliar or complicated beneficiary banking details.

Instead, iPiD’s API retrieves the name and account details mapped to the alias provided by your customers.

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Why iPiD?


Interoperable by nature. Our API-based system has a light footprint and is easily integrated into any bank and fintech environment.


iPiD applies the most stringent technical and logical security principles. Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption through its distributed architecture.


Platform-agnostic system works on existing payment rails, reusing infrastructure and compliance processes.


iPiD orchestrates APIs without storing confidential or personal data, therefore maintaining data sovereignty and reusing local open banking APIs where available.


iPiD operates on a global basis for payments to bank accounts and wallets, originating from banks and non-banks.

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